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02/11/2004 --- JARKANOID 3 is finally available ---

Go to www.jarkanoid.com to download it. It's still free!!! And really much more better than Jarkanoid 2

2/22/2002 --- current version 6.12 ---Final Version!!!---

Incredible!!! Jarkanoid 3 will be really Incredible!!! I can display 2087 balls(each ball has its own speed and own angle) without loss of frame rate. There is still a lot to do, but I can say "Jarkanoid 3 will be Incredible!!!"

2/20/2002 --- current version 6.12 ---Final Version!!!---

OOOPS, Sorry for those who downloaded Jarkanoid 2 6.12 Final yesturday... Indeed there was an error. Only 2 level were inside (Test Mode). It's now corrected (thanks to Alex for the information)...

2/19/2002 --- current version 6.12 ---Final Version---

You can now find Jarkanoid 2 Final Version in the DOWNLOADS section. There won't be uptdates of JII anymore. I now work on Jarkanoid 3, it will be much more better than J2. I will add news about the Work In Progress every weeks.

2/18/2002 --- current version 6.11

Jarkanoid 2 is no more. I will compile final version tomorrow (sure). I work on Jarkanoid 3 that will remain freeware. I want it to be the best breakout game ever. It will be!

2/9/2002 --- current version 6.11

Collision detection routine was corrected. I will compile jarkanoid 2 (6.12) tomorrow, including more levels.

2/8/2002 --- current version 6.11

The collision detection routine must be rewritten. I will have time this night, but I am not sure to be finished.

2/7/2002 --- current version 6.11

There are 2 new bonuses now (23 bonuses). Jarkanoid 2 tries to be clever, so that most of players should be happy. Note : If a ball is locked somewhere, wait... It will unlock.

2/5/2002 --- current version 6.10

There will be 2 new bonuses in the next uptdate (Thursday)...

2/4/2002 --- current version 6.10

You can now download Jarkanoid 2 (6.10) and discover the 21th bonus. You'll also be inspired by Alexandre's new musics. Have Fun.


Graphics of the 21st bonus were created. I will code to make it live tomorrow. Alexandre has sent new musics and You'll probably hear them tomorrow too.


I have not much time to program today. Yet, you can find a new release : Jarkanoid 2 (6.09b). New sound samples, new rules and more.


I prepare some nice effects for Jarkanoid 2 6.10. It will be out tomorrow or the day after.


I have changed some game rules and corrected some bugs, resampled musics and most of the sounds. I have also made a routine to determine errors, so that people who try to understand why Jarkanoid doesn't work with their system (not enough Video Memory for instance) will understand why it fails. I have plenty of new ideas for next versions. So Jarkanoid 2 6.09 is out today.


I have updated Jarkanoid 2 Web Pages. You can find more screenshots.


I could not connect to my ftp yesturday as my CuteFTP was moody. I have bought FTP EXPERT 2 and now I can connect. So, Version 6.08 is still better.


Jarkanoid 2 6.08 is now Out. Better Introduction, Invisible Bricks initialization corrected and more.


Jarkanoid 2 6.07b is Out!!! Please download it. More compatible, Nicer...


It's 5:55 PM. Jarkanoid 2 6.07b will be out in less than one hour. One more level, About 100% compatibility with all videocards, A new intro and a new end, and MORE. WAIT AND SEE.


It's about 50 versions I sent to my Beta Tester. It seems that compatibility with Voodoo graphics cards is solved. By solving this trouble, it seems that many other graphic cards will work perfectly. If you find any bug with your video card, please Email me and explain the configuration you have. Normally, Jarkanoid 2 should be very fast. So, if you want it to work, tell me it doesn't... Corrected version (6.07b) will be out tomorrow.


It's really bad to own a good graphic card when you program a game made for everybody. Indeed, Geforce 2 GTS video cards are too perfect to understand bugs. There won't be any uptdate of Jarkanoid 2 today. Tomorrow there will.


My Beta tester and I work really hard to solve compatibility problems. Of course, I still work to make Jarkanoid Better but I will realease a new uptate when I think it is worthwhile. May be tomorrow.


Unfortunately, there is still a big trouble with VOODOO 5 5500 Video cards. It's really slow and I can't find why...


I did my best. Now it should work correctly with all video cards unless they lack memory.


Jarkanoid Was designed and tested on a PC Athlon 850 Mhz with a Geforce 2 GTS. It seems that many of you have problems with Voodoo 5 5500 and more (Really slow). I will rewrite the program and try to correct the problem. So beta 6.7 will be out in the evening.


Version 6.06 is out now. Many suffs were added and Jarkanoid 2 is now really a game. I hope you'll enjoy...


Jarkanoid 2 6.06 WILL be out in 4 or 5 hours, including highScores, New Musics and more...


It's almost 7:30 PM and I've just come back home. It was 5 AM when I woke up. So I will make an highscore screen but I am not sure I am finished this stuff before I sleep.


JII less and less looks like a beta. Now, If you are sad to lose, you'll be happy to see... Version 6.05 is really out and I am proud to give you.


I have worked hard today. I have changed many variables to allow JII to loop. The next beta will have an introduction and an "outroduction". I will try to compile the next beta tomorrow. If You have nice pictures you have drawn or taken, Don't hesitate to send them as I can include them in JII.


Sorry for those who still had trouble running jarkanoid2. the problem is solved. It was due to non pure SoundBlasters soundcards. It's solved in beta 6.04b. Now System will choose the best driver to use.


Jarkanoid 2 6.03b was not working with some video cards (alpha blending support) So, download JII 6.04.


I have already begun to create the "Game Over" screen of Jarkanoid 2. As I am not sure to complete the event before I sleep, I will release Jarkanoid 2 6.04 soon.


You can download jarkanoid 2 6.03. I have added a bonus description in the instroduction screen. Level changes as you break the last brick in the level. DirectSound directly points to your soundcard hardware again.


I have finally found that DirectSound had problems with my sound samples because they were using different formats. I have encoded them at the same rate and there are no more bugs. I want to improve the introduction screen and add an end. It should be done tomorrow.


Jarkanoid 2 beta 6.03 is finally out. There are now 6 levels, speed improvement, a "Pause" option added and some bugs killed. Sound Fx have changed a bit, I will fix them tomorrow (sounds are not optimized at all)... Download, extract and run JarkanoidII.zip (can be found in the DOWNLOADS area) if JarkanoidII is or was installed on your system. Have fun.


I have only programmed for one hour today. I do my best to correct bugs. If anyone find bugs, please describe them to me as I have no much time to test.


It was several days since I was looking to solve a display bug. The reason was that I asked DirectSound to lock directly to the hardware of the sound card. By replacing the value LOCHARWARE with LOCSOFTWARE, there are no more display bugs. It's now too late in France to release the new uptade but beta 6.03 will be out in less than 24 hours.


Have discovered an amazing graphic bug. Definitely amazing because I solved it modifying the sound code. Have also add a pause option (P key). Next beta will come in few hours.


I try to modify the sound samples as DirectSound doesn't seem to like them. Indeed, they are responsible for the sparklings appearing somethimes. I will compress them with the MPEG LAYER 3. If anyone has sound samples to suggest, just send them to me. It will take many hours to finish this work. I will add more levels after it's done.


Have Linked the Keyboard to the DirectInput Library. Seems to be smoother and more stable. Waiting for further progress to release beta. 6.03.


Have only programmed 2 hours. Fixed many glitches during walls collisions. Have fixed most of the Jerky sound samples. Project to compose the collision detection routine again (May take many hours).


Decide to create the site to allow other sites to link.


Have had a promotion in my job, decide to program again.